2019 UTV Rules & Class Information

This class is to give the appearance of an UTV, similar to what has run at some monster truck events.  A maximum of 1 vehicle is allowed.

General/Axles:  Stock Traxxas Slash only.

Tires: Short course tires only.  No monster or mega truck tires allowed. Any traction compound and/or any cleaning chemicals are not to be applied to tires during an event.  These substances will not be allowed on venue grounds.  Water is the only solution allowed for cleaning tires.  Unless a wheel or tire is damaged during competition, you must use the same set a tires throughout that entire event.

Wheels: Short course wheels only.

Chassis: Stock Traxxas Slash only.  2WD or 4WD allowed.

Wheelbase: Stock Traxxas Slash only.

Width: Stock Traxxas Slash only.

Motors: Maximum 3800 kv motor.

Battery: Limited to one 7.4V 2S lipo with 100C advertised discharge limit (7.6V are not allowed).

Steering: Stock Traxxas Slash only.

Shocks: Any allowed.

Suspension: Stock Traxxas Slash only.

Body: JConcepts T2 UTV only!  CLICK HERE TO GO TO JCONCEPTS.  All UTV vehicles must have a unique number clearly visible.