2021 Trophy Truck Rules & Class Information

This class is modeled after trophy trucks, similar to what run in the SCORE racing series and the Baja 1000.  A maximum of 1 vehicle is allowed in this class, per person.

General/Axles: Any stock short course platform.

Tires: Short course tires only (including JConcepts Fling King SCT).  No full size monster or mega truck tires allowed.  “Slicks” are not allowed.  Any traction compound and/or any cleaning chemicals are not to be applied to tires during an event.  These substances will not be allowed at any time.

Wheels: Short course wheels only.

Chassis: Open to all short course trucks.  2WD or 4WD allowed.

Wheelbase: Any stock short course platform wheelbase.

Width: Any stock short course platform width.

Motors: Maximum 3800 kv motor.

Battery: Limited to one 7.4V 2S lipo with 100C advertised discharge limit (7.6V are not allowed).

Steering: Any stock short course platform steering.

Shocks: Any allowed.

Suspension: Any stock short course platform suspension.

Body:  Any short course (SC) styled body (including JConcepts T2).