Sport Modified Rules

2020 Sport Modified (Sport Mod) Monster Truck Rules & Class Information

This class is in the spirit of the first generation of Stage 3 monster trucks that participated in the Penda Series era in the 90’s.  This is intended to be a more budget friendly version of the modified class, wherein the trucks are also easier to control due to lower speeds. This is a race only class, vehicles will not participate in freestyle.

These rules were decided and voted on by the competition committee and are good for the 2020 Calendar Year.

General/Axles: All vehicles must have a minimum of 2 solid axles. Motor on Axle (Clod Buster) gearboxes are legal. Shaft driven trucks are legal.

Tires: Any Clod or USA-1 sized tire is legal, and cutting is allowed. Any traction compound and/or any cleaning chemicals are not allowed to be used on tires at any time.

Wheels: Any scale appearing Clod Buster sized monster truck wheel is legal.

Chassis: Any scale appearing chassis is legal (tube or plates). Season points are tallied with a given chassis.  If chassis is changed during season, points will not transfer.

Wheelbase: No limit.

Width: No limit.

Motors: 17 turn brushed motors are the maximum allowed (NO brushless and NO hand-wound motors), with a two motor maximum.

Battery: Limited to one 7.4V 2S lipo with 100C advertised discharge limit (7.6V are not allowed).  “Cycling” of batteries is prohibited!

Steering: May be 2 or 4WS

Shocks: No maximum number or length.  May be oil filled.

Suspension: 4 link allowed with any type of configuration.

Body: Any body legal. Allowed 1 body/name change per season.  However, a designated concrete/black top body can be run to avoid damaging particular ones, in which case this will not count towards the season name change limit.