2021 Pro Modified (Pro Mod) Monster Truck Rules & Class Information

This class is in the spirit of modern monster truck racing, much like what you’d see at any stadium, arena, or fairground around the country. It is designed for scale appearing monsters.

These rules were decided and voted on by the competition committee and are good for the 2021 Calendar Year.

General/Axles: All vehicles must have a minimum of 2 solid axles. Motor on Axle (MOA/Clod Buster) gearboxes are legal. Shaft driven trucks are legal.

Tires: Any Clodbuster/USA-1 sizes tire is legal.  Any traction compound and/or any cleaning chemicals are not allowed to be used on tires at any time.

Wheels: Any scale appearing Clod Buster sized monster truck wheel is legal.

Chassis: Any scale appearing chassis is legal (tube or plates). Season points are tallied with a given chassis.  If chassis is changed during season, points will not transfer.

Wheelbase: No limit.

Width: No limit.

Motors: Two motor maximum, no limit.

Battery: Single 2S or 3S lipo or 7 cell NIMH.  “Cycling” of batteries is prohibited!

Steering: May be 2 or 4WS

Shocks: Any allowed.

Suspension: 4 link allowed with any type of configuration.

Body: Any body legal. Allowed 1 body/name change per season.  However, a designated concrete/black top body can be run to avoid damaging particular ones, in which case this will not count towards the season name change limit.