Tracks will be very similar to what you’d find on most monster truck tours, complete with crush cars* and freestyles obstacles. Drivers will qualify* and run a full elimination program. Judged freestyle will then take place after that. The track may be switched up in between racing sessions.

Qualifying* – Where applicable, drivers will be allowed to make a specified number of practice passes at an event (time allowing). They will then be forced to make a qualifying pass to receive a time which “seeds” them in a bracket and determines elimination pairings. Drivers can make two qualifying passes (one in each lane) and take the best one. Driver’s that get DNF’s or DQ’s will be moved to the bottom of the bracket. If a driver breaks during practice he will receive a DQ qualifying time and be seeded at the bottom of the bracket for eliminations. If multiple DQ’s are recorded then those drivers may have to race (no points awarded for a qualifying race) to finish bracket seeding.

Elimination – After qualifying (if applicable) is complete, drivers will race in heads up elimination bracket racing until a winner is determined. Highest qualifier gets lane choice. If a winning driver cannot make the next round due to breakage then the previous “loser” will be brought back to take their spot. If both trucks DNF the race will be rerun until there is a winner. If a driver cannot restart the race after a dual DQ it will be awarded to the truck that is still running.

Did Not Finish (DNF) – A driver will receive a DNF for needing to marshal their vehicle. Vehicle touching is prohibited. You must drive smart as well as fast. You will also receive a DNF for leaving your lane and hitting another vehicle.  Other DNFs may apply if the majority agrees.

Wheelie Contest* – Trucks will be given two hits on crush cars to make their best wheelie. Scores will be judged on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Freestyle – Trucks will have open freestyle on the track, one at a time. Freestyle will be done by three judges, each giving a score based on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best. Pro-Modified Monster Truck class rules apply.

• 2 trucks per driver will be allowed, with no “loaning” of trucks between drivers.  Freestyle sessions will be 90 seconds in duration.  One rollover is allowed per freestyle run.  If truck rolls a second time, that will end their run.  No props are allowed in freestyle and vehicles must stay inside boundaries of freestyle course during their run.  Drivers will be allowed to run 1 Sport Mod truck in Freestyle, as long as their total number of trucks competing in freestyle does not exceed the 2 max allowed total.  2 Sport Mod trucks will not be allowed to run in freestyle from any 1 driver.


Points are gathered per event per format (i.e. racing is separate from freestyle).


1 point awarded for each elimination round win or bye run.  Points begin being tallied once the field is narrowed to 16 trucks.  The overall racing winner for an event in each class will receive 1 additional point.

In the event of a tie for an event overall win, the following will be the tie-breakers, with the winner being the overall event champ and receiving the 1 additional point:

1) If 2 trucks tie, we will have a race-off
2) If 3 trucks tie, we will have a double-elimination bracket
3) If 4 trucks tie, we will have a single elimination bracket


33 total points are available for the freestyle contest.  Three judges will score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest (possible 30).  The freestyle winner will receive 3 additional points.

In the event of a tie in freestyle, there will be a 30 second “sudden death” freestyle-off to determine the overall winner, with the same judging rules as above except there no rollovers are allowed.  This means that once you roll, your freestyle run is over. If one of the trucks cannot compete because of breakage or any other reason, then the other truck becomes the overall winner and will receive the 3 additional points.

To be eligible to run timing equipment during an event or be an event judge, one must be a club driver/member. There is no fee for club membership, however you just must prove to have regular attendance at events and be helpful to others, before you can judge.

Wheelie Contest*

30 points total are available for the wheelie contest. Three judges will score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest.

Season Points

Season points are tallied up from each event of that season with the season champion having the highest total, minus their lowest point total event.  Season points are tallied with a given chassis.  If chassis is changed during season, points will not transfer. In the instance of a bent or broken chassis, changes can be made as long as the replacements uses the exact same geometry as the original. Any change of this nature has to meet the approval of TK Officials.

In the event of a tie for any given podium position, the tie-breakers are as follows:

1) Total season points
2) Overall event wins
3) Racing bracket wins
4) Race-off (if possible).


+2 seconds added to run time for hitting a turning pole (where applicable) or failing to put two front tires on a ramp, or 2 rear tires if riding a wheelie.

+4 seconds will be added if missing ramp completely.

Leaving your lane and striking another vehicle in their respective lane will result in immediate disqualification from that round.

Leaving your lane and causing another driver to adjust course, in any fashion, in their respective lane, will result in immediate disqualification from the round.

Failure to follow course in intended direction will result in disqualification from the round.

Event Format

A standard event format will consist of the following, but can vary:

Pro Modified Monster Truck:  2 racing brackets.

Sport Mod Monster Truck:  2 racing brackets.

Outlaw Retro Monster Truck:  2 racing brackets.

Losi LMT Monster Truck:  2 racing brackets.

Freestyle:  1 freestyle session.

The following are other classes that we have offered, but only run on certain occasion:

Classic Retro Monster Truck*

Sportsman Monster Truck*

Mega Truck*

Tuff Trucks*


* Where applicable

• Maximum of 2 trucks per driver per class allowed**!

** Except for the Losi LMT Class, which is 1 per driver.