2016 Classic Retro Monster Truck Rules & Class Information


 2018 Classic Retro Monster Truck Rules & Class Information

This class is in the spirit of the earliest monster trucks (aka Stage 1) that took part primarily in exhibitions in the early to mid 1980’s. This class is less about competition and more about fun, detailed builds. Trucks will be taking part primarily in timed obstacle course racing, although other events will be used as well from time to time.

These rules were decided and voted on by the competition committee and are good for the 2018 Calendar Year.

Body: 1990 or early bodies.  Allowed 1 body/name change per season.  However, a designated concrete/black top body can be run to avoid damaging particular ones, in which case this will not count towards the season name change limit.

General/Axles: All vehicles must have a minimum of 2 solid axles. Motor on Axle (Clodbuster) gearboxes are legal. Shaft driven trucks are legal. Tank trucks are legal. Due to the wide array of potential vehicles, if there is any question of legality, please ask if it “fits the spirit of the class”.

Tires: Chevron tread, fully cleated (no cut tires) Clodbuster sized or bigger. Destroyers and Rumbles prohibited. Dual Tractors legal. Treads legal on tank trucks. No shaved tires are allowed. Certain exceptions may be in made in attempt to recreate a certain vehicle at discretion of event director.  Any traction compound and/or any cleaning chemicals are not allowed to be used on tires during an event.  These substances will not be allowed on venue grounds.  Water is the only solution allowed for cleaning tires.

Wheels: Any scale appearing monster truck wheel is legal.

Chassis: Any chassis fitting in the spirit of the class (i.e. no tube frames) are legal. sicNme Products, Crawford Performance Engineering, and Grund Chassis all sell very nice pieces. Season points are tallied with a given chassis.  If chassis is changed during season, points will not transfer.

Wheelbase: No limit, but wheelbase must fit body correctly with tires under fender openings unless recreating specific truck.

Width: No limit.

Motors: 45t motors. Tank trucks may use stock Kyosho 370 size motors. No hand-wound motors are allowed.

Battery:  Limited to one 7.4V 2S lipo with 100C advertised discharge limit (7.6V are not allowed).

Steering: May be 2 or 4WS (or more than than if 6×6 or above)

Shocks: Must be friction unless using a scale appearing, era appropriate oil filled shock.

Suspension: No 4 link setups, with the exception of a Tamiya Juggernaut with leaf springs.

Gearing: No limit

Hitch: Vehicle must be equipped with fixed hitch when pulling.

Minimum Vehicle Weight: Vehicle must be weighed in competition trim w/ battery and meet 10 lbs minimum.

2018/19 Winter – Retro Racing Standings

1: BIGFOOT #4 - 9
2: Thumper - 8
3: Monster Orange IV - 8
4: Monster Orange - 6
5: Grave Digger - 4

2018/19 Winter – Sport Modified Standings

1: Wild Flower - 9
2: Smokey - 7
3: Kaiju - 6
4: BIGFOOT Cruiser - 6
5: High Voltage - 5
1: BIGFOOT Racer - 48
2: Smokey - 41
3: Orange Fury - 39
4: Excessive Force - 36
5: Flag BIGFOOT - 34

2018 – Pro Modified Standings

1: Avenger - 8
2: Sonuva Digger - 8
3: Imposter Time - 7
4: Cluster Truck - 5
5: 3 Tied - 4
1: BIGFOOT SD - 49
2: Rockstar - 49
3: BIGFOOT Racer - 48
4: Grave Digger - 47
5: Cluster Truck - 42

2018/19 Winter – Mega Truck/UTV Standings

1: Halfasster - 8
2: Megafoot - 8
3: King Sling - 7
4: Blu Crush - 6
5: Thumper - 6
1: #7 - 13
2: Orange - 11
3: JB Scale Graphics - 10
4: Green Skull - 8
5: Inferno T2 - 4