About Trigger King R/C & Contact Information


Trigger King R/C, based out of St. Louis, MO, was founded by several longtime hobbyists and 1:1 “monster truck guys”. We started the club in April 2014 and have been having monthly events ever since. Our “home track” was located at the Home of Bigfoot in Hazelwood, MO from October 2014 until about October of 2015. After BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc. moved, their new facility had no place for us to run.  We have run at SmacTrac in St. Charles, MO and may continue to do so.  We may still hold certain events at the new BIGFOOT facility in Pacific, MO.

We try and hold authentic “true to scale” events, at least as much as we can without sacrificing fun for our racers. We also strive to be family and newbie friendly. If you have an event that you would like us to hold a race at, please contact us!

For all questions please shoot Doug an e-mail – dougswelker@gmail.com

To be eligible to run timing equipment or be an event judge, one must be a club member. There is no fee for club membership, however you just must prove to have regular attendance at events and be helpful to others.

- Trigger King R/C Club Member List -

Doug Welker: Competition & Event Director

Bob C. Chandler: Competition & Track Director

Chris Blank: Dean of Clodeology (aka Technical Director)

Danny Maass: Media & Sponsorship Director

Josh Rhodes: Competition Committee

Chris Kaelin: Event Crew

Ed Hoorman: Event Crew

Colby Marshall: Event Crew

Ross Henshaw: Event Crew

Travis Sutton: Event Crew

Bryan Heitz: Event Crew

Michael Arndt: Event Crew

Johnathan Arnold: Event Crew

- Trigger King R/C Sponsor List -

Absolute Chaos R/C – Clodbuster chassis kits

BIGFOOT 4×4 - The Original Monster Truck and the original home base of Trigger King R/C

Big Squid RC – R/C Media, News and Reviews

Crawford Performance Engineering – R/C monster truck chassis & accessory provider

RH Designs – R/C monster truck accessory provider and custom 3D printing

Screw Loose Hex Hardware – Top of the line hex hardware screw kits for r/c monster trucks

SicNme Products - Retro monster truck chassis provider

Sutton Motorsports – R/C monster truck & pulling accessories


To contact Trigger King R/C, please visit our Facebook page and message us:



For all questions please shoot Doug an e-mail – dougswelker@gmail.com


Winter Racing – Outlaw Retro

1: Texas Toy: 13
2: Monster Orange 2: 12
3: Turbulence: 7
4: Monster Orange 1: 7
5: Excaliber: 7
6: Honey Bee: 6
7: BIGFOOT #4: 4
8: Godzilla: 4
9: Carolina Crusher: 4
10: Back In Black: 4

Winter Racing – Sport Modified

1: Rotten Apple: 10
2: Orange Fury: 8
3: Tropical Thunder: 7
4: High Voltage: 7
5: Goldberg: 7
6: Haywagon: 5
7: Over Bored: 5
8: Excaliber: 5
9: Grave Digger (McD): 4
10: 4 Others Tied: 4

Winter Racing — Pro Modified

1: Monster Energy: 17
2: Snake Bite: 9
3: Bad Habit: 7
4: Grave Digger: 6
5: Havoc: 5
7: Rampage: 4
8: Chaos: 4
9: Huffman Crusher: 4
10: 2 Others Tied: 4

Winter Freestyle – Sport/Pro Modified

Pro Mod:
1: Grave Digger: 54
2: Havoc: 53
3: Bad Habit: 49
4: Chaos: 49
Sport Mod:
1: BIGFOOT Cruiser: 38
3: Carolina Crusher: 31
4: Monster Patrol: 29