2016 Summer Event #3 – Gateway Classic Mustang

The 3rd event of our Summer Season Series was held at Gateway Classic Mustang in Bourbon, MO. Not only did we have a change of venue for this one but we also had a very special guest ... J Concepts, Inc. The everything-accessory R/C company is well known for producing great parts but for this special occasion they came to kick off their great new line of monster truck/Clodbuster related items.

J Concepts introduced 2 great new monster truck tires and a few different 1/10th scale bodies. The new tires were the Renegade, which are a low-profile race tire, and the Firestorm, which is based on a lowered-cleat Firestone tire. They are set to offer 2 compounds of each tire.

The new Tribute wheel is a great new wheel that will be available in 3 different colors (black, silver and white) and will come with 3 adapters so that you can change the offset to 11mm, 18mm or 25mm. The wheels will come with a closed and open planetary cover as well.

They also brought a few new bodies, including a 1989 Ford F-250, a 1993 Ford F-250, a 1993 Ford F-250 Super Cab and a 2011 Ford F-250 Mini (Wheely King size).

Once everyone was done gawking at all the new monster truck R/C goodies (for now), racing began. The day opened with Josh Rhodes and his BIGFOOT #4 winning the first Outlaw Retro bracket. Then, Ross Hinshaw in his brand new Over Bored truck took the Sport Mod win of the day. Next up was the Modified class, with Michael Arndt and his new Turbulence truck taking the win.

The second rounds of racing saw Bob C. in the Michelob Golden Light Outlaw Retro win, followed by Michael Arndt winning with his other truck, the Firestone BIGFOOT, and finally first time winner Mike White winning with his Black Stallion Sport Mod.

Freestyle rounded out the day in usual fashion, with lots of air, wheelies and all-out crazy action. After the smoke cleared, Bryan Heitz in the Lucas Oil BIGFOOT took home 3rd place, while Bob C. took 2nd and 1st with his Chaos and ACRC BIGFOOT trucks respectively.

The day was a lot of fun and we would like to give a special thanks to Lonny and Jason Childress from Gateway Classic Mustang for letting us invade their shop. Also, thank you to Jason and Fred from j Concepts for letting us help to introduce their great new line of R/C monster truck products.

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Next event is scheduled for September 11th at BIGFOOT 4x4, Inc., hopefully in the dirt!

Summer Racing Points* – Outlaw Retro

1: Orangefoot: 13
2: Monster Orange #2: 9
3: Michelob Golden Light: 9
4: BIGFOOT #4: 9
5: Excaliber: 8
6: Honey Bee: 7
7: Green Monster: 6
8: Monster Orange #4: 6
9: First Blood: 6
10: 2 Others Tied: 6

Summer Racing Points* – Modified

1: Chaos: 13
2: Quad Chaos: 13
3: Bad Habit: 10
4: Turbulence: 10
6: Grave Digger: 9
7: Pete: 9
8: Ragin' Orange: 7
9: Green Monster: 6
10: 3 Others Tied: 6

Summer Racing Points* – Sport Mod

1: UFO: 8
2: Black Stallion: 5
3: Over Bored: 5
4: Grave Digger: 4
5: Carolina Crusher: 4
6: Hot Rod BIGFOOT: 4
7: Snake Bite: 4
8: BIGFOOT #8: 3
9: BIGFOOT #9: 2
10: Woodstock: 2

Summer Freestyle Points* – Modified

1: ACRC Bigfoot: 54
2: Gotham Crusher: 44
3: Chaos: 44
4: Grave Digger: 42
5: Quad Chaos: 41
6: Lucas Oil BIGFOOT: 41
7: Punisher: 40
8: Monster Energy: 39
9: Spec Ops: 35
10: Bad Habit: 35